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Imaginative Initiatives 

Create Awareness - Educate Properly - Continued Support - Achieve Growth

  1. Research and Development: Conducting ongoing research to advance the field of hypnotherapy and to develop new techniques and methods for helping clients achieve positive change.​

  2. Professional Development: Offering ongoing training and continuing education opportunities for our graduates and practicing hypnotherapists to help them stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the field.

  3. Community Outreach: Partnering with local organizations and community groups to provide free or low-cost hypnotherapy services to underserved populations.

  4. Public Education: Raising awareness about the benefits of hypnotherapy and dispelling myths and misconceptions about the practice through public lectures, workshops, and educational materials.

  5. Student Support: Providing ongoing support and resources for our clients to help them achieve their goals and maintain their progress.

  6. International Collaboration: Building international network of hypnotherapists and collaborating with hypnotherapy schools and organizations in other countries to advance the field of hypnotherapy.

  7. Innovation: Encouraging and promoting innovative approaches and techniques in hypnotherapy to enhance the effectiveness and reach of the therapy.

  8. Ethics: Keeping high ethical standards and promoting ethical practice in hypnotherapy, by providing education and training on ethical issues to the students and practicing hypnotherapists.

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